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As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs a good friend from Vancouver came to visit us for 10 days. We had decided that 7 days was not nearly enough time and that 10 days, if she could manage it, would barely give us enough time to see some sights and get some quality girlfriend-time in before it would be time for her to leave again.She arrived on May 14th at 6:30 pm hot and tired from a long day of travelling but ready for whatever we had in store for her. She was worried about the weather as the forecast for 10 days was stormy, rainy and generally grim but we decided then and there that we wouldn’t let the weather get us down and that we would enjoy ourselves no matter what! When I asked her what she would like to do over the next 10 days she told me simply “You decide, I trust you, I have to make decisions everyday at my workplace and I don’t want to make any here. I am on vacation.I will let you know if there is something that I don’t want to do” So based on that conversation I started making plans…..

After we dropped her bags off at my place and had had a Jack & Ginger (thank you Wendy for bringing Jack AND Crown Royal) we went for dinner at Pericos. A very touristy dinner spot on Yaxchilan, a little overpriced but they have waiters that sing and dance and drag you onto the dance floor while they pour tequila slammers down your throat while the band plays “Tequila!” A great way to start off a vacation me thinks! 🙂 We had an early night as Saturday was the only day that forecast a possibility of sun and Wendy wanted a tan and to hit the beach.

Bottom's Up Dubai

We got up early picked up some octopus and conch ceviche from El Timon de Cancun on Uxmal and cut up some fresh fruit, filled some water bottles and packed our cooler and set off for Puerto Morelos for a day at the beach.The sky was clear, there was a refreshing breeze and the water was warm. We returned with sun-kissed skin ready for the evening. We headed out for tapas and wine at El Rincon de Vinos in Parque de las Palapas with some of my friends and then headed to Dubai Terraza where we danced until they closed and then we went to Red until the sun came up and then it was home where we collapsed into our beds. Later that day (Sunday) we awoke to rain (thank goodness) and ordered pizza had a dip in my pool and watched movies. Wendy had been in Cancun 48 hours..we still had 8 days to go….would we survive?

Wendy and Ash at Red


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Normally I like to blog about restaurants or places that my husband and I go to and I like to end my posts on a positive note; however, today I will be writing about the disturbing incidents that have occurred in Cancun over the last few days.

The first incident  grabbed international headlines when the Mayor of Cancun was arrested for aiding drug smugglers. http://ow.ly/1QKRu  His political camp is claiming that this is simply an attempt to halt Mayor Greg Sanchez’s political campaign as many believe he was the popular choice for Governor. Unfortunately, this could very well be the case since Cancun, as well as other parts of Mexico suffer from corruption. It is difficult to know what to believe these days and I am sure  that we will be hearing a lot  more about it in the coming days.

The second incident didn’t grab any international headlines that I have been able to find as of yet but I find it even more shocking as it occurred so close to home. On Tuesday night my husband, my friend Wendy visiting us from Canada ,and myself came home from a wonderful day at the beach. We arrived at about 7:45 pm after stopping at the supermarket and were greeted by ambulances and a few patrol cars in the parking lot in the building next door to us. We went upstairs to our apartment and were amazed when at least 15 patrol cars, undercover trucks, Federal police  etc.  all heavily armed began to arrive and surround the building next door and the streets around us.

We were shocked to say the least! I have seen police reports on TV  showing similar images  for areas in the north of  Mexico but not for Cancun. As the police and neighbours continued to pour  into the streets we decided to go for dinner and leave whatever was unfolding behind. The next day we searched online for news reports and found that a young man 27 years old had been shot outside of his apartment b 3 people. His brother called it in. Apparently he knew his assassins and they were all involved in illegal prostitution. The news is reporting that the main assassin “La Paleta” has ties to the Zetas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Zetas

If you understand spanish here is an article: http://ow.ly/1QLTr

Now today when I look out my window to the building next door there are no traces of what occurred on Tuesday night except for the sadness that I feel that now even Cancun is being affected but the bloody battle that is raging in the north. When I discuss these matters with friends we all say ” it is the bad people that are being killed, arrested etc.” and we all still feel safe. I just passed a week “playing tourist” with Wendy and we had an amazing time going to the beach, the cenotes, shopping, dining out and much more and we never once felt unsafe in the city that I have called home for more than 15 years. I know that she has many great memories and experiences from her time here and won’t let this tragic  incident taint her time here.

My next posts will chronicle our time “playing tourists” in Cancun.

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A Visitor from Canada

YEAH!!! Today my girlfriend arrives from Vancouver. I haven’t seen her for about 10 years except for a brief visit about 3 years ago in Vancouver. I am doubly excited as I will be taking some time off next week to show her some of the sites. It is great when you can see your home through the eyes of someone else I always feel like I fall in love with Cancun all over again.

I don’t get too many visitors from Vancouver as now most of my friends have kids so it is always fun when someone can make their way down to see me. We will be going to Isla Mujeres to rent a golf cart and stop for tikin-chik fish at Lancheros beach, then one night in Playa del Carmen for great food and dancing at the Blue Parrot. Next we will be going to Captain Morgans for some paragliding http://www.parapentemexico.com.mx/eng/index.php, then some shopping at La Isla Shopping Plaza and Plaza Las Americas/Malecon Cancun, and maybe take in a movie at the VIP cinema. Of course there will be lots of dinners and dancing in Cancun and hopefully lots of beach time though the weather forecast looks very grim..stormy and 60% chance of rain all next week. 😦

Keep your fingers crossed and do a sun dance for us so that we can do everything on our list and more.!!!

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My husband and I love to get out-of-town when we can and what better reason to go away than Cesar’s birthday? The first weekend in May we searched the net for a good deal for an all-inclusive hotel in the Riviera Maya and came across the Iberostar Quetzal in PlayaCar. We booked 1 night for the both of us for 2000 pesos (less than $200) and packed our bag.We arrived early to be able to get the most out of our quick getaway and once we were checked in we headed to the pool area as the beach was too windy. Cancun and nearby areas had experienced high winds for about a week with Saturday and Sunday being the worst days. It is the first time that I can remember the beaches being completely empty.We made our way around the pool that was full of crispy bodies –skin cancer candidates for sure (come on people use sunscreen you will still get a tan!) and finally found a small spot in the shade. We ordered some fruity, slurpee-like concoction with cheap alcohol and settled in for the day.

Our room


Crazy hair-dryer that looks more like a vacuum

Around 1pm we ambled over to the buffet-style restaurant and ate some so-so food and then it was back to the pool for more relaxation. They have a great pool with a jacuzzi and lots of floating beds and tires and other fun pool toys that you can use for the day. As the day was coming to an end we even managed to snag a covered lounge-like bed for the last hour of the day before going up to our room. We had a very nice large standard room that had a pretty view of the pond where the flamingoes hang out. Oh yes, I forgot to the mention that the hotel is set among the jungle and you can see lots of animals and birds while you walk along the paths getting from one area of the hotel to the next. We saw monkeys, swans, peacocks, flamingoes, toucans, ducks just to name a few. One duck flew up onto our 3rd floor balcony and kept us company while we watched the sun go down.

Nice digs for the end of the day


The duck who kept us company on our balcony


The view from our room

We headed out for dinner and enjoyed another so-so meal and though we were disappointed that the food wasn’t great, especially since it was Cesar’s birthday and we are such foodies at heart ,we were still having a lovely time. We enjoyed the after dinner entertainment and then went dancing at the resort’s night club and finally collapsed into our beds. We woke up to bird calls and other jungle sounds and felt very relaxed and wished that we could stay another day. We packed our bag  and left it with the bellman and made our way to the pool again. We spent the rest of the day reading and playing in the water until at 5pm we had to leave the resort. Cesar had enjoyed his birthday weekend and so had I.Once home in Cancun it was like we had never left as the weekend’s fun quickly started to fade.We are now planning where to go next weekend as  my girlfriend Wendy from Vancouver is coming to stay for 10 days! YEAH!!!

Windy day at the beach

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