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A week before my sister came to visit hubby and I were craving Indian food, which I normally make for us at home, but we decided to try Taste of India on Tulum Avenue based on a friend’s recommendation. We had gone to the Taj Mahal in Cancun  in the past and though the meal was alright we were not too impressed so I was hoping that this place would be better. We were not disappointed!!!  We walked into a nicely decorated space with old Bollywood movies playing on a T.V. on the wall. Our waitress Luisa brought us our menus and we began the difficult process of deciding what to order as everything sounded so good.

Veggie Samosas

We started off with some vegetarian samosas that were quite large and served with a tasty mint sauce as well as a slightly hotter sauce on the side. We polished those off while the chefs were making our Gosht Korma (tender lamb pieces cooked in an onion, ginger,garlic and garam masala sauce) and basmati rice that we accompanied with Paneer Kulcha (thin bread filled with Indian style cottage cheese)…absolutely delicious! I then asked Luisa if I could compliment the two chefs personally and take a photo of them for my blog. I was led to the kitchen where I met Rajesh and Vinod two very talented unassuming chefs from India. Unfortunately we couldn’t really communicate due to language barriers but I made it obvious just how much we had enjoyed our meal and after taking a quick photo I returned to my table.

Our Meal

We ordered the bill but before it came we were in for a pleasant surprise–DESSERT! Rajesh and Vinod sent us  Gulab Jamun (small dumplings in a sweet saffron sauce) on the house.–Thank-you! With satisfied bellies we paid our bill and said good-bye but with a promise to return soon. If you like Indian food don’t miss out on this gastronomic gem!


For more info on Taste of India check out their website: www.taste-india.com

Our hosts


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Today my youngest sister Amy is arriving in Cancun for 7 days!! I can’t wait. She hasn’t been here since she was a little girl. So it looks like I will be playing tourist again doing much of what I did while my friend Wendy was here but with some new twists and turns. Here’s to a great week with Cookie!


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Last weekend hubby and I went to Club de Playa Cabanas (formerly known as the City Beach Club) with my in-laws for the day. I hadn’t been there in quite a while since we usually go to Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, or Captain Morgans on our beach days but we didn’t feel like driving too far so we picked somewhere closer to home. If you are a local the entrance fee is 50 pesos and if not 100 pesos but we ran into a friend and he comped our fee – thank you Alvaro! We rented a cabana for 200 pesos since the sun was fierce on Sunday and most of the beach beds with umbrellas were already taken by the time we arrived at noon.

Our Cabana

We ordered some reasonably priced drinks and some sushi (yuck…I do not recommend it!) and a mediocre hamburger to share. They had a live DJ who played his music louder than most night clubs do on a Saturday night so talking with each other was out of the question. I even had to stuff my ears with kleenex so that I could hear myself think 😦  I am told that this is not the norm so hopefully the next time we go this will not be the case or it will be the last time that we go there. The service was very good and our waiter was friendly.

One of the pools

Hubby and I wanted to swim in the ocean so we made our way to the shore and we were completely shocked to see that after only a few months and a 957 million pesos price tag that once again Cancun’s beaches were eroding… and fast! There is now a sharp drop to the water’s edge and when you enter the ocean you quickly have water up to your chest and then you have to climb up a ways and once again you have water up to your knees.  What is going on?? If this is happening after just a few months what will be the state of our beaches next year and so on? Cancun relies heavily on our reputation as a “beautiful beach destination” to ensure Cancun’s tourist industry.

The drop

I snapped a few photos and we paid our bill and went home. Since then hubby and I can’t stop wondering how this could be happening and why wasn’t the beach recovery plan better organized and executed?WTF??

People now sit down by the edge

For more info on the Cancun Beach Recovery click here: https://ashlied.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/cancun-beach-recovery-continues/

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Way to go Mexico!!!!

I must admit that I am not really a football (soccer) fan but I do get excited when Mexico is playing and in today’s case WINNING!!! Way to go Mexico!!!  2-0!!

Way to go Mexico!! Goooooool!

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Last week was my (blank) 🙂  birthday and boy oh boy was I spoilt! My morning started off with my wonderful husband making me some eggs for breakfast. After that the birthday calls started rolling in. My first call was from one of my best friends who is currently living in China and I was treated to the “Happy Birthday” song in chinese.LOL Then I heard from my Mom who also added her rendition of “Happy Birthday”. She then preceded to tell me that I should go into one of our spare rooms and climb onto a chair and there in the top part of my closet I would find a gift hidden  that she had sent down with my girlfriend Wendy last month. Very cool MOM! Thank-you…you are always so very thoughtful! She also had another unexpected surprise for me. Then my Dad called and I heard yet again “Happy Birthday”

My beautiful flowers

After that the doorbell rang and there holding a HUGE flower arrangement was Lisa. The flowers were beautiful. I immediately took some photos since the humidity here is brutal and I wanted to make sure that I could keep them indefinitely in a Kodak moment. It was just 9:45 am and my special day was off to a great start! I fired up my computer to work but I was sidetracked by all the FB birthday wishes, birthday emails and birthday calls . At 2 pm we went for lunch with my in-laws at Marakame and then it was off to Dharma Spa for a pedicure with my girlfriend Pilar-thank you Pilar!

Sunset at Puerto Madero

With freshly painted toe nails hubby then whisked me away to Puerto Madero which is one of our favourite restaurants when we really feel like splurging. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset. We ordered a bottle of champagne–thank you Dad-what a special treat! and then ordered the Seafood platter appetizer. It was amazing and HUGE so that was all we were able to eat. Next I opened some gifts from hubby and my friend in China and we finished off the champagne and left for Cantinerias where some my friends were waiting to celebrate with us.

Seafood platter at Puerto Madero

More drinks were ordered and more presents were opened as we celebrated late into the night. Then it was time to go home. I had had a FANTASTIC day. It had been one of the best birthdays in a long time and everyone hade made me feel very special and loved. Thank you everyone!

Some of us "girls" at Cantinerias

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Swimming at Dawn

We should be promoters for Vodka

Wrapping up Wendy’s Whirlwind Trip to Cancun I will pick up where I left off and start at The Blue Parrot. I believe my closing  words were ” Oh what a night!”  We started on the hip hop/top 40 side so that Wendy could see the fire show which as always is very entertaining. Blue Parrot bar is part of a hotel that is located on the beach. They have two sides with very different music. I personally like the techno, progressive side but when visitors are in town we start out on the other side so that they can enjoy the show. Once the show was over we went over to the “good side” 🙂  where I had reserved the VIP area and we ordered a bottle. Dancing shortly afterwards commenced and  though it was very hot we barely sat down for more than a minute throughout the whole night. My husband eventually gave up and went back to the hotel leaving Wendy, Erika, Freddie and myself.

Swimming at dawn

Shortly before dawn we lost sight of Wendy only to find her on the other side of the roped off area of Blue Parrot heading down the beach. We caught up to her and I don’t know who it was who first suggested it but we were all of sudden swimming in the ocean. We, girls, stripped down to our underwear (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a thong that night) and Freddy went in with his jeans on which can only mean, I assume, that he was going commando. I vaguely recall lamenting as I hit the water ” Oh my Calvin Klein bra..I hope the saltwater doesn’t destroy it” We had a great time splashing in the waves and then as the sun began to slowly rise we stopped someone staggering  by and asked them to take some photos. After pulling our clothes on over sandy, wet bodies we made the uncomfortable walk back to our hotel where we crashed until check out time.

A few hours later we went to Mamitas beach club for a late carbohydrate filled brunch and then to Kool Beach Club for the day. After renting our beach chairs and palapa we took a nap and then awakened with renewed energy. Kool has a great DJ who pumps out fantastic tunes all day. We had a very reasonably priced mid afternoon  snack of sushi and drank LOTS of water. As the day came to an end my husband, Freddie and my energy levels were waning fast but Wendy and Erika wanted to do some MORE shopping so we planted ourselves at a small restaurant and waited until they were finished. When they finally met up with us we made our way home to Cancun, watched half a movie and fell into a deep sleep (coma) until the next morning.

On Sunday we joined some good friends of mine at the beach at Puerto Morelos where Wendy continued on her quest for the ultimate tan. That night we went for Italian food at Parque de las Palapas https://ashlied.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/el-dpa-bistro-in-cancun/ then walked around the “parque” so that Wendy could experience some local flavour. Monday was spent chilling by my pool and on Wendy’s last full  day she wanted to finish up her shopping so we went to a local market, Market 28, and then to the beach again.For her last night some of my friends joined us at Mocambo for dinner, a seaside seafood restaurant in the Hotel Zone, where we had a great meal.

Wendy and Cesar at Parque de las Palapas

On Wednesday we took Wendy to the airport and bid her farewell but not before we had to re-pack her suitcase in the check in line. I had brought a “back up bag” just in case and sure enough Wendy’s suitcase was overweight so after frantically re-packing and lots of hugs we watched as Wendy disappeared up the escalator to the security area.

We had had one hellavu time!!! I was exhausted but I wouldn’t change a minute of it. 🙂

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I left off  Tuesday night after we got back from a great day at Isla Mujeres. We had planned on going to Playa del Carmen the next day but we changed our itinerary as the weather wasn’t looking very promising so instead I took Wendy shopping to Plaza Las Americas and then a late lunch at Marakame Cafe https://ashlied.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/marakame-cafe/ 

That night we went to Muellecito https://ashlied.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/dont-miss-out-on-el-muellecito-cantina-marisqueria-in-cancun/ with friends and shared a bottle, appetizers and  lots of laughter.Our night wasn’t over yet so after dropping off the menfolk 🙂 we went out dancing again! Did I mention that Wendy and I used to be “dance buddies” when I lived in Vancouver?

Wendy at El Muellecito

On Thursday I had some pressing work matters to attend to so my friend Erika kindly offered to take Wendy to The City Beach Club for the day so that she could continue to work on her tan. They had a great time eating sushi and sipping on fruity drinks.

On Friday we set off for Playa del Carmen for the night. We had booked a nice little suite online  for a great deal at the Tukan Hotel and two of our friends would be joining us later that day for the night as well. After checking in we had lunch at the Tequila Barrel and did some shopping and then relaxed by the pool before getting ready for the night.We strolled down “la quinta avenida” (Playa del Carmen’s main thoroughfare) for more shopping as Wendy had a “list” that she was working her way through for gifts for people in Vancouver as well as for herself. Wendy has great taste in jewellery and she was enjoying looking at all that Playa has to offer for the discerning shopper.


I must backtrack for a second before I continue on to mention that over lunch we had discusd jewellery and I had told Wendy about all the beautiful jewellery that I once had but that had been stolen in my last apartment. 😦  To this day it still angers and saddens me as I “lost” a very special ring from my Dad that I had helped to design. I was given it when I turned 18 and my two younger sisters also received the same ring  on their 18th birthdays. Aside from that ring I also “lost” a beautiful emerald ring, a tanzanite ring,  and several other pieces. So as we were diving in and out of stores Wendy declared that she was going to buy me a tanzanite ring for my upcoming birthday in June and that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I unsuccessfully tried to talk her out of it and then graciously accepted after we had picked out the most perfect deep blue tanzanite ring. 🙂 Thank you Wendy…your incredible generosity will not be forgotten!

The writing is on the wall...

We met up with our friends and had a great dinner on the beach at Fusion http://www.fusionhotelmexico.com/bar-and-grill.html where Wendy left her “mark” on the bathroom wall–they provide you with the chalk so it’s okay 🙂 Then it was off to The Blue Parrot for…you guessed it more dancing. I will leave off here for now as our experience at Blue Parrot requires more than just a few sentences I can only say….Oh what a night!!!

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