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What every foodie dreams about…40 restaurant stands offering tantalizing samples of various styles of food from noodles, ceviche, mini lamb burgers to red velvet cupcakes and pomegranate margaritas and espresso martinis to wash it all down all conveniently  set up in one venue-Taste of Playa 2010! Last weekend, after many months of anticipation, we attended Playa del Carmen’s 2nd annual event for their gourmet extravaganza featuring local restaurants and bars and also 8 local vendors in their Market Place. All of this took place in Parque de Fundadores on the famous quinta avenida (5th avenue) on a warm, sunny Sunday.

Delectable bites of ceviche

Last July I had purchased 7 VIP tickets in advance for friends and family. Our package included 1 VIP pass, 1 bracelet, and 25 Taste of Playa “pesos” for $35 per person. We were allowed to enter 1 hour before the event started and there was an area set up with sofas, tables and chairs for VIP pass holders, which ended up being a godsend as the event rapidly filled up with tourists, locals and ex pats all eager to take part in the event. To say that Taste of Playa 2010 was a success would be a huge understatement and we were grateful for our little oasis where we could retire from the crowds to eat and drink and chat with friends.

Tequila for everyone!

Once we had established our “nest” we set off with a fistful of “pesos” to forage for food. First, Cesar and I went on a recognisance mission to get an idea of exactly what was being offered and then we descended on what would be the 1st of many, many stands. Food and drinks went for between 1 and 3 “pesos” (1 “peso” =10 pesos or 1USD) and we wanted to be sure that we would be able to sample as much as possible over the next 5 hours. We set up a rotation schedule with our friends and my Mom at our table as 120 VIP tickets had been sold but there was a distinct lack of seating so at least 1 person had to be seated at our table at all times to hold down the fort. 🙂

Hard at work

It became increasingly more difficult to navigate the aisles as the crowds grew and grew and at one point I overheard a gentleman say to his wife “let’s spend our “pesos” as fast as we can and get the hell out of here”. Once again I was thankful for our little sanctuary as I don’t think we all would have lasted if we hadn’t had a place to relax between our forays into the crowds in search of more food and drinks.

Tasty raw tuna bites

After 5 hours of great food, great company and full bellies we parted ways and hubby, my Mom and I checked into our hotel suite for the night where we continued chatting on the balcony until Cesar and I felt the Playa party scene calling us. We spent a few hours dancing at the Blue Parrot and then returned back to our hotel where we collapsed onto our bed and slept until the late hours of the next morning. After a late lunch at Wicky’s we drove home after spending a great weekend away

Tasty Trio


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Who loves Halloween? I do I do! I must confess that this particular holiday has always been one of my favourites maybe because I have such fond memories of it from when I was a child or simply because I LOVE to play dress-up. This year was no exception. Last year we had a party but this time around we decided to hit the streets to see what was going on. I dressed up as Reagan from the Exorcist and hubby went as the priest and I must say we did a damn fine job of it too. We started off at Dubai Terraza with some friends where I enjoyed seeing the Halloween spirit live and well in Cancun.After a few hours we headed over to the ME  for a while and finally we wrapped our night up at a party downtown. I had a blast and my only regret was that it seemed to fly by so fast.

The Excorcist

Next, we headed to Plaza La Isla in the hotel zone where we found some more decorations and another altar.After snapping a few more photos we stopped for lunch in front of the lagoon and had some not-so-great pizza *sigh* and that concluded our Halloween/Day of the Dead festivities for this year.

Assorted goods at Mercado 23

Before I wrap up this blog post I would like to hear your opinions on Halloween and whether it should be celebrated in Mexico? This year I read and heard many complaints by people (hubby included even though he always seems to enjoy dressing up 🙂 ) stating that Halloween is an American/Canadian holiday that has no place in Mexico. In Cancun you rarely see children in the streets trick-or-treating yet the schools have parties for them and they go dressed up. The comments that I heard and read were from angry adults who felt that Halloween could take over the tradition of the Day of the Dead even though the two are celebrated days apart and are very different in nature. I see no harm in celebrating both and learning about each one. I grew up in Canada, a true melting pot of cultures, where we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day (I’m not Irish), September 15th/Mexican Independence Day (I’m not Mexican) and many other celebrations. I don’t feel that other countries’ traditions have taken over Canada in fact I love that I grew up in a place that embraces all cultures. It has made me the well-rounded person that I am today and I believe it gave me my love of travelling and desire to see and experience new things. So what is the harm in celebrating Halloween, kids here seem to love it and judging by all the local people who I saw dressed up in the clubs a lot of adults do too. Why? Because it’s fun.

Sugar skull at La Isla

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