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Approximately 6 weeks ago I noticed that there was a small dog that had taken up residence beside my SUV outside my apartment building. She was malnourished, dirty and fearful. Her beautiful brown doe-like eyes called out to me.That day I bought a bag of puppy chow and I started to leave out food for her It took some time but gradually she became accustomed to me and as her belly grew she finally let me stroke her. Now when I shake her bag of food she runs to me and lays down exposing her furry white ruff waiting for me to rub her before she dives into her daily meal. She is a sweet loving dog with a kind soul.

Charley before

I have named her Charlotte, and Charley is her nickname. She has many names as various kind hearted people on my block and in my building have also named her; Canela (Cinnamon) is just one of them. Between all of us we keep her clean and well fed. I realized the day that I bought that 1st bag of dog food that I had taken on a responsibility one that could not be taken on lightly.Charley has adopted us just as we have adopted her. My goal is to find her a home, a place where she will be loved and where she doesn’t have to go hungry and feel cold and lonely at night. You may be asking yourself why I or others in my block don’t adopt her but all I can say is that each and every one of us has our reasons. I have 2 cats, others have their own dogs and though our hearts go out to Charley in the long run what we all seek is the best home for her…adopting an animal is a great responsibility and one that should be seen as a long term commitment. For now all we can do is keep her well fed, clean, loved and keep looking for a home for her.

Charley now

When I first began to look for ways to find a home for Charley I didn’t really know where to start until I came across a Facebook page called Rescate Mailx which was recommended to me by a few friends here in Cancun. I sent them a photo of her and hoped for the best. I also used my personal twitter page to reach out to people in Cancun to see if I could find her a home and I submitted a photo to Pets Cancun as well.

Rescate Malix "guest"

About a week ago I received an “Event” invitation for a Dog Wash by Rescate Malix via Facebook that invited people to spend a few hours washing dogs and to “apapachar” (give love) to the dogs that they have in their installations. They also welcomed any donations of food or disinfectant products. We arrived with a bag of food, my camera and dressed in sweat pants. I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed when we were greeted by a woman who exuded warmth, friendliness and a passion for helping dogs in need. I introduced myself as “the girl who was looking for a home for Charley”. I told her that I was interested in her “cause” and she welcomed us and immediately brought out a dog for us to wash.Our dog was Abuelo “ Grandpa” who was blind and deaf and he had been left on the roadside many years ago. We lovingly bathed him and then guided him to where he received his monthly dose of shots against parasites.

Monthly shots

I then approached Angie, the woman who had greeted us, and expressed an interest in knowing more about her organization and she led me to a caged area where there were more dogs. She allowed me to enter and she introduced me to the various dogs that they had rescued. She then told me a heartbreaking tale that brought tears to my eyes. There was a female dog that had been rescued in Tulum that had been raped for 7 months every night by multiple labourers. Finally someone had reported what had been going on and she now has a home in Rescate Malix. She will be forever traumatized and damaged, but at least she is safe. I played with various dogs and I particularly remember Smiley who bared his teeth and gave me a great big smile as well as all of the others as they all sought out some attention…human contact. Once I was ready to leave Alejandro, a young student volunteer, escorted me out to talk some more with Angie. She was busily giving shots to all of the dogs but she stopped for a moment to give me the details of their website and we also set up a date to treat Charley for parasites. We thanked her and left.

Cesar and "Abuelo"

A few days ago my husband and I returned with another bag of dog food but this time we were with Charley and Angie’s assistant treated her for parasites. When we left we had a phone number of a vet who generously treats stray dogs for a reduced price. My neighbour and I had decided that we would split the cost of “fixing” Charley and that she would take care of her during her recuperation period.

Cometa-a success story!

Tonight I finally had the chance to review Angie’s video on her website/http://rescatemalix.org/welcome  (please watch her short video) I was already impressed by her and her organization since I first met her but now even more so. What struck me about our first visit to Rescate Malix was the total lack of a “sales pitch”  there was no hard sell about donating money or how hard off they were they simply expressed their passion for what they were doing to help these poor abandoned animals through their acts of kindness. The key people responsible for Rescate Mailx live in humble “digs” driven by their love and desire to make a difference.

Monthly dog wash

Their story in a nutshell: Angie and her husband were enjoying a comfortable lifestyle making their living as part of the Hollywood scene when they decided to uproot and travel the world. Four years and 70,000kms later they ended up in Tulum, Mexico. They adopted their first stray dog, “Malix” which earmarked the beginning of their new purpose in life. Gradually they acquired more dogs and all of a sudden word got around that they would receive abandoned dogs in need.

Rescate Malix "headquarters"

Now, through the help of friends, they are located in Punta Sam, by Las Ruinas El Meco, and they have installations set up for 40 dogs. They exist solely by donations and help from volunteers. Unfortunately in Cancun and in Mexico in general, there exists a huge problem of stray dogs and they are treated like human waste. If just 1 female dog and 1 male dog reproduce they can be ultimately responsible for 4,625 dogs over a 7 year period.4, 625 unwanted dogs!!!! Imagine! In Mexico City alone there is an estimated 15,000,000 stray dogs.


Their motto is simple “Love is the Answer” and Angie’s dream is to rescue all of the abandoned dogs in the world but, of course, there are just too many. They hope to one day own some land where they can help more dogs in need but one person can’t do it all.

Donations to Rescate Malix help fund the following:

Educational Programs aimed at children


Medical Care for emergency care, vaccines and anti-parasitic treatments.

Continuous Sterilization Campaigns

Cleaning and Construction Materials

If you have taken the time to read this entire blog, thank you! Please do watch their short video in English http://rescatemalix.org/welcome and should you wish to do so they have a PayPal account set up for donations or if you live here in Cancun you can visit them and take part in their Dog Wash event held every month. You can find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/proyectomalix

Adopt me!

Finally, if you happen to be in the U.S and would like to adopt one of their dogs Rescate Malix has a special agreement with Delta Airlines who have kindly reduced their rates for shipping a dog as cargo to 50% off and Cancun customs has generously waived their fees. This means you can adopt a dog and bring them to the U.S. for just $120. Please contact Rescate Malix for more details.

 This blog started out about Charley so if you or anybody you know would like to adopt her you can contact me here.Also, if you were touched by this story and would like to help promote Rescate Malix please feel free to share this blog with your readers.


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