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Recently I spent the day at Xplor! For a long time now I have wanted to visit Xplor because of all the hype but until last month we hadn’t made the effort to go there until my kid sister came to Cancun for a wedding. Amy visited us in June and hubby and I organized a whirlwind tour of Cancun and the Yucatan to best show off some of the highlights of our region. We had an amazing time and more importantly I had the chance to get to know my youngest sister as a young woman.

Getting ready for Xplor!

When she and her boyfriend ended up in the Rivera Maya for a wedding I jumped at the chance to spend more time with her. So when they had a “free day” we picked them up and headed to Xplor. After paying for our tickets and donning our hard hats we set off on our adventure. We started out with the ATV course, which I loved, even though we were constantly blinded  flying dirt and sawdust particles but I roared with laughter the whole way!When we finished the course we lowered ourselves into makeshift rafts and paddled around the impressive underground caverns posing for the numerous automatic photos at every turn.Next, we headed to the “river swim” all the while snapping photos and enjoying our time together.

The River Swim

After lunch we headed to the ZIP lines.We kitted up with our harnesses and listened attentively as our “teacher” gave us a quick lesson and then we were off climbing up the first of many  stairwells  until finally we arrived at our first jump off point. I can’t remember who went first but what a thrill!!! We continued zip lining experiencing  many exhilarating moments that included soaring above the jungle and plunging into the cool, refreshing water of the underground cenote until finally we completed the circuit and after drying ourselves off we went to Puerto Aventuras.

Zip lining

We had taken Amy there on her last trip but this was Mike’s first visit to see the manatees, dolphins and sea lions.We finished off our day with huge lime margaritas and appetizers before driving them back to their hotel.It had been a great day full of fun and adventure and I was sorry to see it come to an end and as we drove home we started making plans for our next big outing.

Dolphins at Puerto Aventuras

Have you been to Explor?


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Last Saturday we had planned a day at the beach with friends and family but much to our dismay when we woke up it was cloudy and cool but never one to let bad weather ruin my fun we decided to go to Crococun Zoo with my dear friend Lisa and her adorable little girl Lexie. This would be hubby’s and my first visit and Lisa’s second. I have passed by Crococun for years and I always  assumed that they only had crocodiles  and nothing else and after watching countless crocodile shows on my trips to Thailand I just didn’t feel the need to see anymore. I could not have been more wrong. We arrived around mid-day and after paying the reasonable Cancunense rate of $193 pesos a guide joined us and off we set on our tour around the zoo.

Baby Croc

Our first stop was with the  spider monkeys and some tropical birds. We were allowed to feed them as our guide gave us an informative lesson on each creature. I love monkeys so we were off to a great start. We were then led around the zoo where we learnt about crocodiles, various types of snakes, iguanas, turtles,xoloitzcuintlis (Mexican hairless dogs) and finally deer.We were all having a great time handling some of the creatures and learning about each one. I particularly enjoyed feeding the deer and then once again meeting some more spider monkeys. There was even a mother monkey and her baby who swung through the trees and came down for food.

Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

As the tour came to a close we generously tipped our guide, who had done a great job, and decided that it was time for lunch.We chose John Gray’s Downtown for a pleasant meal. I had their Cobb salad which was delicious. After dropping Lisa and Lexie off we kicked back and enjoyed a lazy  afternoon until later that night when we went to Irori, my favourite sushi place in Cancun,for dinner. Saturday ended up being a great day even if we never made it to the beach.

Such a brave little girl!

Next week: Our trip to Explor once I get our pictures back from our underwater camera!

Beautiful buck

 Here’s Momma!

Momma Monkey

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