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Another year has come and gone and once again hubby and I will be celebrating by eating pozole and drinking tequila but this time we will be spending it with his family instead of hitting the Zocalo. Viva Mexico!!!

Mexican Independence Day. Viva Mexico!!! Today is a very important day for Mexico and I wanted to share with my readers some historical background on what September 15th and 16th mean for Mexicans and those of us who have made Mexico our home. Tonight my husband and I will be going out for a traditional  bowl of pozole and then we will head over to el Ayuntamiento (town hall) to join in the festivities which include firworks and "el grito" which starts at 11pm and maybe even a stop at a … Read More

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Well, hello there everyone!! It sure has been awhile since I last sat down and blogged about my experiences in Cancun. My last post was at the end of June just before hubby and I left for Vancouver for our annual vacation to my hometown. There are many reasons that I stopped blogging for a while which I won’t bore you with today but suffice to say I finally feel ready to blog again. I hope for those of you who take the time to read about my experiences that you enjoy  our latest Cancun adventure.

Last Sunday hubby and I set off in our SUV along a dirt road to the end of Isla Blanca excited because we were going to “fly” that day. Sometime ago we saw a strange “flying machine” high up in the air over the Caribbean ocean and I exclaimed to hubby “I must must  must do that” We found out that a relatively new company to Cancun had brought “paramotor” to our sandy white beaches. Basically speaking a “paramotor”  is a quasi-go-kart for two with an  aircraft-type propeller and a parachute which is attached to it enabling one to fly.

Fly Me Cancun

Cesar getting ready for take off

We arrived at our destination, which was a beautifully untouched area of soft white sand surrounded by a deep turquoise ocean on one side and the calm green shallow waters of a lagoon on the other side. Daniel, one of the owners, explained to us what to do and what not to do on our flight and proceeded to strap Cesar into the “flying machine”. With thumbs- up from the pilot the “paramotor” set off along the beach until it took off and slowly climbed higher and higher into the cloudless blue sky.


When it was my turn I eagerly took my place and as we set off my heart skipped a beat as we left the shore behind us. As Isla Blanca and the people gathered around on the ground became smaller and smaller I felt a sense of utter freedom and wonderment. I marvelled at the beauty that is Cancun. The vibrant colours of the ocean and lagoon where they joined together took my breath away. Suddenly the pilot touched my shoulder and motioned to the right and I saw a huge turtle gliding effortlessly through the water alongside the shore. WOW!!!

Amazing View!

As our flight came to an end it seemed less than the allotted 15 minutes only because one can easily lose themself in the moment of pure freedom and beauty. We landed and after thanking all involved we set off on our way.


It had been an incredible day. It reminded me of just how beautiful Cancun is, which can be easy to forget when you are working here and living day to day. As I write this I am transported once again into the sky and that sense of utter freedom and endless possibilities.

Videos of our day: Taking Off  and Hubby Airborne

For more info: Fly Me Cancun 

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