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Becoming a Mexican!

So it’s been 4 months since my last blog….and believe me I have started writing on more than one occasion but for some reason or another I never quite finish and eventually they all end up in my virtual garbage bin. I remember starting off my blog posts with such gusto, critiquing restaurants, describing my weekend escapades but never really sharing my opinions of what it is really like to live in a foreign country…Cancun, Mexico. I guess that I was always wary of offending people….which is so easy to do nowadays.

 I have been here since 1995 and I have finally applied for Mexican citizenship (long story). WOW! That means in about less than 8 months I will be able to call myself a Mexican. I am a Canadian by birth but my family are from England and in just 5 years I will have lived in Mexico as long as I lived in Canada….double WOW! So what does all of this mean?? Not sure really except that I feel very proud of my roots and that I love Canada but I also love Mexico too.


So once I am an official Mexican citizen what does that mean….how should I feel? Will I feel like a Mexican? I will still retain my Canadian citizenship as well as my British citizenship but I will also now be a Mexican. So who am I? Canada embraces their immigrants. My parents consider themselves Canadian….they “feel” like they are Canadian. They have been living in Canada longer than they lived in England. But Canada is such a melting pot of ethnicities so being a “Canadian” means something different  than here. In Mexico, even though I will have the paperwork, I will never truly be viewed as a Mexican. I will always be viewed as a foreigner and treated as thus even though I chose 18 years ago to make Mexico my home.

I speak Spanish fluently, understand, respect and embrace the customs and I am married to a Mexican. I accept the good and the bad…and granted right now Mexico is experiencing their fair share of tumultuous times but at the end of the day Mexico is a country full of noble people and rich in history. And I think that once I am granted my citizenship I will feel proud to call myself a Mexican….even though I may never be truly accepted as one.


*** I have decided to blog again; however, aside from bubbly reviews of restaurants and weekend escapades I would like to share more personal insights with the hope that I don’t offend anyone.


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