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I belong to a Facebook group called “Cancun Expats and Friends” which is a great group of people who like me decided to make Cancun their home.People post questions, tips, and articles about what’s going on in Mexico. Recently one of its members, T.J., reached out and asked if anyone could help with some donations, specifically milk, for an orphanage in Bonfil called Casa Hogar Para Niños Esperanza. I thought that this would be a great way to give back to the community where I have been living since 1995.

Esther in one of the rooms

Esther in one of the rooms

Casa Hogar Para Niños Esperanza is a Christian based orphanage just south of Cancun (about a 10 minute drive) in Colonia Alfredo Bonfil.  It has been in operation since 1992 after someone left a baby on Pastor Ascencio and his wife, Esther’s doorstep. Sadly most of the children that make their way to this orphanage have a history of abuse. Casa Hogar currently takes care of 12 kids ranging in ages from 3-18 years old.

Computers for doing homework

Computers for doing homework

Yesterday morning my husband and I accompanied T.J. to the orphanage as I wanted to get a better feel for the place. We met at Costco on a Wednesday as T.J. takes supplies to the orphanage every Wednesday. My husband and I decided to donate a case of milk and 4 kilos of apples. We followed T.J. to Bonfil and parked outside a medium sized two-floor building that houses the children, the Pastor and his wife. After unloading the “goods” which consisted of cases of milk, hot dogs, hot dog buns, eggs, apples and juiceboxes we were introduced to Esther whose whole demeanour gave off a warm, friendly glow. She thanked us for our help and encouraged us to look around. We checked out the bedrooms, the newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms and met a little boy who is still too young to go to school. He came over to us with a big smile and said “hola” just as the bigger kids arrived from their morning classes. The place came alive with chatting kids and activity as one by one they dropped their bags on the floor and greeted T.J. and Esther.

Playful decoration

Playful decoration

After looking around some more we left as I had to get back to work but not before making a commitment to supply 1 case of milk and fruit every month. It isn’t much but every little donation does help. If you are interested in helping out this truly worthwhile cause you can by either donating money:

Donations can be made at www.friendsofcasahogar.org/donate

T.J Carter is the contact person and their phones are: Mexico:  887-2000 Local Call : 011-52-998-887-2000 From USA USA Phone:  407-354-3600 Rings in Mexico

Boy's room

Boy’s room

Or you can donate food or clothing. Adult clothing is sold at a Bazaar to get money to further help the orphanage by paying utility bills etc.


Cases of milk

Fruit juice boxes

Cases of eggs




Chorizo Sausage

Fruit (especially apples)

Vegetables (though Costco donates some fruit and veggies on a regular basis)

Hot dogs

Hot dog buns

The occasional box of cookies

If you are interested in donating food or clothing you can either visit the orphanage yourself or contact me for further information. This orphanage receives zero funding by the government so please do consider lending a helping hand to such a worthwhile charity.

Since the beginning of Feb they can be found here : www.friendsofcasahogar.org and www.facebook.com/friendsofcasahogar

Let’s help keep these kids smiling.

Kids outing...photo courtesy of Casa Hogar's Facebook page

Kids outing…photo courtesy of Casa Hogar’s Facebook page

****My Husband and I are not Christians. It doesn’t matter what faith you are as the goal here is to help children in need.

"Family" photos

“Family” photos


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