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As I have said before I don’t usually use my blog to gripe but I feel that in this case that it is warranted. On Saturday night we went out with a couple of friends to Ultra Lounge in the Hotel Zone. It had been a long time since I had been there so I was looking forward to it. After we had arrived and ordered a bottle of vodka we settled in for the evening. The DJ was great and the place wasn’t too full as we had got there fairly late. In Mexico it is normal to buy a bottle instead of buying drink by drink as it works out cheaper, you know that you are actually getting your alcohol of choice and not some knock off , you get better service and normally in order to have a decent table a bottle is required. A bottle comes with a few pops and/ or juice. We always order cranberry juice with soda water. You are never given enough for the bottle and it is understood that you will need to buy more juice/pop etc. at an inflated price. So we didn’t hesitate to order more juice and soda water. The juice jar to begin with was very small and the soda water bottles were mini bottles. In most places the jar is bigger and so are the pop bottles

At the end of the night we ordered our bill and we were absolutely stunned!! Juice 240 pesos (about $22) and the soda water 60 pesos (about $5) WTF??? Now I mentioned that we expected to pay an inflated price for the mix but in most clubs/bars juice will cost you about 80 pesos MAX. What kind of cranberry juice costs 240 pesos..and in a smaller than usual jar to boot.

We of course paid our bill but this little outing to the Hotel Zone has just reinforced my thinking that hitting the clubs for locals downtown is definitely the way to go! Reasonable prices and closer to home. So that ends my bitching session for the day. Onward and forward to more positive blogs in the future.


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When I moved to Cancun in 1995 I was a young fresh-faced Canadian who loved to hit the clubs and dance until the sun came up. My friends and I were on a first name basis with all the managers and staff of every club worth going to at that time. I saw clubs open, close down, close down and re-open under new names and change throughout the years. Some of my favourites were Christine’s (who always had a great light show at the beginning of the night and is now Bull Dog Cafe) Tequila Rock, Dady’O and my absolute fave La Boom.

La Boom has now been closed ever since Hurricane Wilma and it had started to go downhill long before that but I always remained a loyal customer until the end. I even had the second part of my stagette there just before the hurricane. I have many fond memories of late nights dancing with friends some of whom are no longer in Cancun and some who continue to be present in my life. When I met my husband in 2004 I began to slow down and we filled our nights with game nights and dinner parties and less club nights though on occasion we still went with our friends…until recently. 🙂

Grand Dubai Terraza

I have been pleased to note that in the last few years there has been a subtle change in Cancun. Finally there are a few better restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs that have decided to take their chances on the people who call Cancun their home. Now, there are new places almost everyday popping up downtown that cater to the locals and the Hotel Zone is no longer the only place with a “happening scene”. Now don’t get me wrong I still enjoy getting out to the Zone;however, it is great that we now have more options that boast local prices especially when it is high season.

Group shot at The Penthouse

On Saturday my husband, Fredy, Erika and her two friends that were visiting from the US, and myself started our night at Grand Dubai, a fun place that is spilt into two. One side features pop and rock music in both Spanish and English and the terrace has techno/progressive tunes all night long. We like the terrace with its soft lighting and lounge-like atmosphere. After awhile we decided to go to the Penthouse (formerly Rush) at Plaza Peninsula which is also an outdoor terrace and has a nice mix of house, techno, pop and latin music. As always the staff there were great and we had a fantastic time dancing and meeting new people. Then it was time to move on to our last destination of the night ( umm or should I say morning as by this time it was 4:30 am) We swigged a Red Bull and off we went to Red (formerly Blue..I kid you not 🙂 ) to watch the sunrise and dance some more.

The Penthouse Terraza

At 6:30am we could dance no more–it had been a long night! We hailed a taxi and went home. We had had a fantastic time and it reminded me of that fresh-faced Canadian when she first came to Cancun oh so long ago. I may not hit the clubs as much as I used to but it is great to know that there are more places that cater to the locals now and that are closer to home and especially  to learn that I still have it in me to “party like a rock star” 🙂

Erika feeling playful with a hat at Red

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On Saturday night we made reservations at a fairly new place in Cancun called Cantinerias on Coba street on the corner of Yaxchilan. We had passed by it several times in the last few months and noticed that it was always full and it looked like a fun place to go for an evening. The owners are from Dady’O ( a large disco in the Hotel Zone) so I knew several of the staff which was a pleasant surprise since I haven’t been to Dady’O’s in several years.


A new place to hang out in Cancun

We had a reservation for 10 people at 9pm but such is Cancun that everyone was late and a few people didn’t show up. The music was great, varied and loud but not too loud 🙂 They have a great menu with traditional cantina food items and they even offer maguey worms, larvae (escamoles), crickets (chapulines) and tongue- all prepared in various ways. I have always thought of myself as rather adventurous in the food department but I tend to draw the line at insects. 🙂 I ordered queso fundido (melted cheese) as a small appetizer which was very tasty. We plan to go back another time to try some of their other menu items. Drink prices as well as food prices were all very reasonable and they offer 2×1 on some drink brands.

My friend Polo and me

My friend Polo and I

The place quickly filled up and soon we were downing Tequilas, singing along to the music and having a good ole time. Thank goodness for the tequila as it has turned cold again in Cancun and we all had to bundle up in sweaters and jackets to stay warm. Once the night had wound down we set off for home  and Cesar and I played a game of dominos before bed-I won 🙂 I enjoyed going somewhere new and I have added Cantinerias to my list of places to get together with friends.

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