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If you didn’t take advantage of We Move Forward into 2012’s lowest promotion price don’t worry there is still time. The offer has been extended until January 31st!

Read more about this awesome event in Isla Mujeres in my previous blog post We Move Forward into 2012

*** I am not being financially compensated for this blog post. The views and opinions are strictly my own


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As most of my readers know I am originally from Vancouver and 17 years ago, at the tender age of 22, I made the bold (and slightly terrifying) decision to pick up my roots to move to a totally, different  country to what I was accustomed.  It meant learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle.  As a woman, and especially as a foreign woman, it was difficult at times to adapt to the ways of my new-found home.  I chose to live in Cancun for many reasons, one of which was the climate. Maybe that sounds a tad superficial, but I found that the warmer climate boosted my sense of well-being. I felt renewed and enjoyed the endless sunny days and blue skies.

A beach-side view of Isla Mujeres

Over the years, I’ve become acquainted with other like-minded, strong women from all over the world who also chose to make Cancun their home. And like me, they too have encountered their share of obstacles that go hand in hand with being a woman in Mexico. It took a while at first, but I can now say that I feel fully integrated into my adopted country, without having to give up my personal identity as a Canadian woman. If anything my experience of living here has made me a stronger, more patient person. I love my life, the colourful culture and the people I’ve met here through the years. The great weather doesn’t hurt either!

And so with that short background story I will get into the purpose of this blog post. Several months ago my youngest sister, Amy, who is an editor for a university magazine in Canada, emailed to tell me about an upcoming event in Isla Mujeres called “We Move Forward into 2012” that will be hosted in Isla Mujeres …a short ferry ride from Cancun. Apparently Amy had interviewed an alumni student, one 0f the facilitators of the event that will be taking place from March 8th-10th. I immediately checked out their website as I am always interested in what is going on in my neck of the woods. I remember thinking “Wow!  What an interesting event for women. How empowering!”

Isla Mujeres

Then about two weeks ago I was contacted by a woman called Janeen Halliwell, who had been referred to me by Kelly McLaughlin, a fellow Cancun blogger; A Canuck in Cancun (check it out J).  Janeen was interested in finding local bloggers to help spread the word about “We Move Forward into 2012”. I immediately told her that I would love to get involved as I believe that this event will be truly special. It’s about bringing women together to discover their true potential through workshops and key speakers: an opportunity to meet women from all walks of life and perhaps forge new friendships, while enjoying the beauty of tropical Isla Mujeres.  What a ‘funtastic’ way to dive into 2012. I was also struck by how small a world it is, since Janeen turned out to be the alumni student that my sister had interviewed several months ago. Go figure! Call it a coincidence, a fluke or fate, but something tells me that I was meant to share this event with my readers.

“We Move Forward into 2012” will take place in beautiful Isla Mujeres from March 8-10th. For more information please click here  http://www.wemoveforward2012.com/

And I have also been authorized to share with my readers a very special promotion:

We Move Forward into 2012 by giving you the gift of our LOWEST PRICE PROMOTION!

Register for WMF 2012 between January 1 – 12, 2012 and receive $212 off the cost of this experience of a lifetime! You pay only $483 for 3 days on The Island of Women to nourish your body, mind, soul and spirit.

This is a time-limited offer for a space-limited event.

Act now and you will be among a special group of women who are kicking off the New Year by investing in themselves and their future.

Visit www.wemoveforward2012.com to learn more and register.

If you have never been to Isla Mujeres click here to watch a short video about the island provided by We Move Forward into 2012 http://bit.ly/sQxkg6

I hope that you check out their website and share it with your girlfriends, aunts, sisters and any other special women in your life. It looks like a wonderful event and a great reason to spend some time in the sun.

*** I am not being financially compensated for this blog post. The views and opinions are strictly my own.

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Where to start? As I mentioned in my last blog I haven’t been feeling very bloggy lately so that means I have a lot to catch up on now. Christmas and New Years have come and gone and we are already half-way through the first month of 2011. So let’s roll the calendar back to December 23rd, 2010 and begin there shall we?

Top of the Rock


After the blizzard

Two days before Christmas day yours truly, hubby and my Mom were on a plane bound for New York City. It was my first time there and I was absolutely thrilled as I had always wanted to visit the Big Apple and now thanks to my Mom we were actually going and we would be spending 6 action packed days there over Christmas. We arrived on a sunny, crisp day but by the time we had to leave,  New York was blanketed in snow due to an unexpected blizzard. We took in many sites some of which included walking  along 5th avenue, visiting Rockefeller Center,Chinatown,Staten Island, going up to the observation deck on Top of The Rock, having an incredible meal in Little Italy, shopping at Macy’s, Time’s Square and of course taking in a show.We had a an amazing time and as I had always suspected I loved New York….its energy, its diversity and its people. I even thoroughly enjoyed the blizzard as it had been a long time since I had experienced snow in a city. By the time we left I knew for a certainty that I would be back again and that New York City had not seen the last of me.

Blue Parrot

Once back in Cancun it was time to focus on New Years Eve. We had a full house with friends visiting from various places and on the 31st we all headed down to Playa del Carmen to ring in the new year at the BPM Music Festival at The Blue Parrot.After, enjoying a nice meal we cracked open a bottle of champagne in our room and then slowly made our way through the crowded streets until after a lot of manoeuvering we finally got inside the venue. We staked out an area on the beach and there for the next 9 hours we danced, laughed and celebrated the end of the year until we collapsed exhausted in our respective rooms.


The next few days were filled with work and  spending time with our guests. We had a night out at Barrezito to kick off a friend’s birthday and then on our group of friends’ last day in Cancun we took them to Isla Mujeres where we rented a golf cart, visited the turtle farm, feasted on Tik n Chic and took in an awesome sunset before dropping them off at the airport. Once everyone had gone our place seemed so empty and quiet but not for long as a dear friend of mine, who has stayed with us while visiting from China, returned from a quick business trip in D.F. Next, we continued celebrating our friend’s birthday ( he is like me his birthday is at least a 1 week affair) with a dinner  at Rino’s and finally on Friday a big blow out at Jardin Ixchel.

Tik N Chic-before

So now,sitting here Sunday night,after reliving the last 24 action packed days I can only wonder what 2011 will bring this fortunate Canuck?

Tik N Chic-after

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So it has been one of those days when you wake up in a foul mood and can’t seem to shake it. I won’t go into the who’s and why’s of it all but suffice to say that even though I am battling another cold or flu (whatever) I find myself seeking solace  in my blog with a teensy glass of Merlot wine. Sure hope it doesn’t mix funny with my meds.

Picking up where I left off in my previous blog we had just survived 48 hours with Wendy, my gal-pal from Vancouver, and by the time Monday rolled around we were ready for a new adventure. We set off to Puerto Aventuras, a pretty little marina about 1 hr from Cancun where many expats now call their home. One of the biggest attractions there aside from gazing at beautiful boats and yachts are the dolphins and other sea creatures as well as the various waterside reaturants.The sun was out, though the forecast had been for rain, so we counted ourself lucky as we strolled around taking photos of the playful dolphins and their newborns and laughed at the silly antics of the sea lion.We stopped for a pleasant lunch at an outdoor “pub” and then bid farewell to Puerto Aventuras and made our way to one of my favourite watering holes -Cristalino cenote.

Wendy at Puerto Aventuras

I have gone to Cristalino cenote for over 12 years now and have reluctantly witnessed the changes over the years. When I started going very few people knew of its existence. In fact, on most occasions when I went there with friends we would be the only people there.Our very own private oasis. Through the years that has changed with the advent of major development in the Riviera Maya and “cenote tours” Cristalino cenote is no longer just “mine”. It remains a beautiful spot and I visit it often especially when friends are in town. The sun now felt very hot, perfect for Wendy as she was on a mission to go back with a dark tan. We set up our chairs and dove into the crystal clear water. This would be our routine for the rest of the day, read a few chapters, talk a bit and then refresh ourselves.We left for home  feeling relaxed.

We arrived home hungry and if memory serves me correctly we took Wendy to our local taco restaurant Primos for.. tacos of course.We went back to my place where after a few Jack & Ginger’s the conversation inevitably lead down memory lane. Soon I was pulling out old photos from dusty albums and we were laughing and reminiscing about bygone days until the wee hours of the night.

On Tuesday, a little worse for wear, we got up packed some things into a bag and then headed for the ferry. Next stop Isla Mujeres! After a smooth sailing we fought our way through all the vendedores (sales people) and rented a golf cart for the day. Yipee!!! time to terrorize the islanders ( I say this in jest as anyone who has ever rented a golf cart on Isla knows that you could probably outrun it on foot) We drove around the island as Wendy snapped endless photos while in motion. We stopped to look at the turtles,admired the floating island (a ramshackle house mounted on used 2 litre plastic bottles–way to recycle!) in the bay, drank cool fresh coconut milk at the island’s look out point and stopped for lunch at Lancheros. I take everyone that visits to Lancheros as they serve the best tikinchic (fish marinated in a sour-orange sauce and chili paste then cooked in a banana leaf over an open flame). Yummy! As we were relaxing at the restaurant on the beach we gleefully noted that it was raining in Cancun but that on Isla the sun was beating down mercelessly…which made Wendy a very happy camper.


At 4:30 pm it was time to take the golf cart back to the rental agency. So we finished our tour around the island and caught the ferry home. We ate our leftovers as “fish for 3” was more like fish for 6 and watched a movie. So far the weather had been great. We hoped it would hold out for tomorrow as we had planned to go to Playa del Carmen for the night. Wendy had been in Cancun for three days by now and I had enjoyed every minute of her visit.

Floating island

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