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Where to start? As I mentioned in my last blog I haven’t been feeling very bloggy lately so that means I have a lot to catch up on now. Christmas and New Years have come and gone and we are already half-way through the first month of 2011. So let’s roll the calendar back to December 23rd, 2010 and begin there shall we?

Top of the Rock


After the blizzard

Two days before Christmas day yours truly, hubby and my Mom were on a plane bound for New York City. It was my first time there and I was absolutely thrilled as I had always wanted to visit the Big Apple and now thanks to my Mom we were actually going and we would be spending 6 action packed days there over Christmas. We arrived on a sunny, crisp day but by the time we had to leave,  New York was blanketed in snow due to an unexpected blizzard. We took in many sites some of which included walking  along 5th avenue, visiting Rockefeller Center,Chinatown,Staten Island, going up to the observation deck on Top of The Rock, having an incredible meal in Little Italy, shopping at Macy’s, Time’s Square and of course taking in a show.We had a an amazing time and as I had always suspected I loved New York….its energy, its diversity and its people. I even thoroughly enjoyed the blizzard as it had been a long time since I had experienced snow in a city. By the time we left I knew for a certainty that I would be back again and that New York City had not seen the last of me.

Blue Parrot

Once back in Cancun it was time to focus on New Years Eve. We had a full house with friends visiting from various places and on the 31st we all headed down to Playa del Carmen to ring in the new year at the BPM Music Festival at The Blue Parrot.After, enjoying a nice meal we cracked open a bottle of champagne in our room and then slowly made our way through the crowded streets until after a lot of manoeuvering we finally got inside the venue. We staked out an area on the beach and there for the next 9 hours we danced, laughed and celebrated the end of the year until we collapsed exhausted in our respective rooms.


The next few days were filled with work and  spending time with our guests. We had a night out at Barrezito to kick off a friend’s birthday and then on our group of friends’ last day in Cancun we took them to Isla Mujeres where we rented a golf cart, visited the turtle farm, feasted on Tik n Chic and took in an awesome sunset before dropping them off at the airport. Once everyone had gone our place seemed so empty and quiet but not for long as a dear friend of mine, who has stayed with us while visiting from China, returned from a quick business trip in D.F. Next, we continued celebrating our friend’s birthday ( he is like me his birthday is at least a 1 week affair) with a dinner  at Rino’s and finally on Friday a big blow out at Jardin Ixchel.

Tik N Chic-before

So now,sitting here Sunday night,after reliving the last 24 action packed days I can only wonder what 2011 will bring this fortunate Canuck?

Tik N Chic-after


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