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Just over a week ago I had the unexpected pleasure of having my youngest sister come and visit me. The last time that she had been here she was about 8 years old. I distinctly remember sitting in Frogs with her and my other sister who is two years older than her. I was drinking a frozen lime margarita; they were drinking a virgin-something-or-other and their Mother a margarita as well. That’s right I said their Mother. My sisters and I are technically half-sisters but as far as I am concerned that is just a question of semantics .For me they have always been my kid sisters. I have changed their diapers, heard their first words and been present for their various tantrums… and believe me there were many!

Anyway I digress; Amy arrived on the 21st of June, tired and hot after spending the night in the Toronto airport en route from Victoria. I had already forewarned her that we were experiencing a hotter than usual summer and that her room though equipped with a queen size bed and fans it was lacking a/c. We arrived at our place and hubby made us tacos for lunch…chorizo sausage, beef , chicken and nopales (cactus salad) on the side—the tacos were a huge hit but the nopales not so much. After lunch we headed to the Mirador (a lookout point in the Hotel Zone) so that Amy could appreciate firsthand the beauty of Cancun’s beaches and the breathtaking colours of the Caribbean ocean. Then for nostalgic sake we went to Senor Frogs and ordered drinks—this time there weren’t any virgins. 🙂

Amy at Senor Frogs

I am not going to describe the day to day activities in detail since I have already blogged about many of the places that we visited on her trip like Puerto Aventuras,cenote  Cristalino, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen etc. I will however comment on some of our adventures and share the experiences that went along with them. For example, we went to Playa and after a lazy day at Kool Beach club, cruising the 5th avenue , photographing an amazing sunset,  dinner on the beach, topped off with watching the always impressive fire-show at the Blue Parrot, we called it an early night and hit the sack. We woke up early the next day so that we could enjoy the ruins at Tulum before it got too hot. Yeah right! We arrived at 9am and the sun was already a huge burning ball of fire. After exploring the ruins (her first my 7th time) we continued on our way. By the way Amy (my sis) and the majority of people at Tulum seemed more interested in the iguanas than the actual ruins. 🙂

Sunset at Playa del Carmen

On another day we took Amy to Valladolid so that she could see a small colonial town and swim in some more cenotes since she had really enjoyed her first experience at cenote Cristalino.We started at Samula and we were thrilled that we were the only people there-a rare occurrence these days. We swam around for more than an hour hootin’ and hollerin’ and laughing as our voices bounced off the walls of the underground cavern. We had our very own private oasis and it belonged to us if only for a short time. Then we went to X’kekén which though beautiful was full of people. Unfortunately that more and more often seemes to be the case whenever I revisit  places that were once fairly unknown and untouched but now are “on the map”, part of a tour , commercialized, and full of little stands peddling tacky souvenirs…I understand the why’s but it still saddens me.


After Valladolid the next day we set off for Hidden Worlds…this place deserves its own separate blog so I will leave that for another day.

Cenote Samula--bliss!

We also took in a movie at the VIP cinema as Amy had read my blog and seen my photos and she was determined to check out the VIP theatre. Unfortunately only The A Team was showing other than Toy Story and another movie in Spanish so A Team it was and though it wasn’t a very good movie I have seen worse. She loved it! The theatre not the movie and she swore that now she would never be able to see a movie in another theatre without wishing it was the VIP cinema in Cancun

Now that more or less concludes my tale. So once again I got to play tourist but more importantly I was able to spend time with my not so kid sister, laugh with her, share confidence and really get to know her as a young woman and what and incredible young woman she has become!

Come again soon Sis!


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