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My sister Amy is quite the talented photographer and while she was here visiting us she took some amazing photos with her fancy new Sony  digital camera. She had left her larger camera at home and brought the Sony instead. It has some really cool features like the ability to take  panoramic shots as well as the ability to take really natural looking photos in low light situations. According to Amy when she takes a shot in a dimly lit place the camera takes 6 quick individual shots that pick up on all the lighted areas in the frame and then automatically combines them resulting in 1 shot. I was amazed at how well this feature works. Often in low light situations the resulting photograph is either too dark or unnaturally bright if you use the flash. I have selected some of my favourite panoramic shots to share with everyone here. I hope you enjoy them.


 Awhile back there was an amazing sunset and my sister took the following photos from my balcony. * Gringanation took some photos as well that day (I believe it was the same day) Indigo Orange Sunset

Amazing sunset

Simply beautiful

The last shot was taken in one of the underground cenotes at Hidden Worlds. I will blog about that day in more detail soon.

Hidden Worlds


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