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Well, here we go again with another restaurant review. I really think that I missed my calling as a restaurant critic since lately several of my blogs  all seem to be food orientated or maybe it is just because the weather has been cloudier and wetter than usual so eating has become our main form of entertainment. In any event tonight’s blog is about this great little restaurant at El Malecon Plaza. I had recently discovered it on one of my trips to the plaza and when I saw the word ‘waffle’ boldly displayed in their sign I was beside myself with excitement since I LOVE waffles and I have yet to stumble upon a place in Cancun that serves waffles. Sure there are lots of restaurants that serve pancakes but like any true waffle connoisseur already knows  pancakes and waffles are NOT interchangeable just because they are both made using batter.It would be like comparing sandwiches with paninis, need I say more?

Savoury Waffle

So armed with the knowledge that there was finally a place in Cancun that served waffles and not just any ole place that had the odd waffle on their menu but an entire restaurant  dedicated  to the much sought after waffle, hubby and I picked a Sunday morning to try them out. We arrived at 8:30am and the place was packed! I have mentioned before that I like  buzz in a restaurant but dare I say that there was almost too much buzz for meGreat for the owners but there were kids everywhere.Now don’s get me wrong I like kids, I was one many years ago, but generally I just like my friend’s kids, kids related to me, and one day I am sure I will “like” mine too.We found a comfortable nook to hide in and I ordered a hot cup of javva and hubby some juice. The menus came and thus began one of my favourite pastimes…perusing a new menu.

Waffles Rancheros

I finally decided to try one of their savoury waffles even though I had come with the intention of ordering one of my favourites …waffles smothered in fruit (primarily berries).I chose a waffle with 2 sunny side- up eggs, bacon and roasted tomatoes on top and hubby chose a waffle made with cornmeal (a creative idea on the chef’s part) topped with 2 fried eggs smothered in red sauce and cheese. They arrived nice and hot and were devoured in no time. I added a drop of maple syrup to mine as there is nothing quite like the taste of salty  bacon combined with a touch of sweet thick maple syrup. Hubby made a “face” at first but after trying mine he was won over.

Waffle with brie and cranberry sauce

Before we left the owner came over to our table to check on us (very unusual in Cancun but much appreciated) and I learnt that Mary Carmen, though Mexican, grew up in Toronto and that her husband was the chef. She had been inspired by similar restaurants in Canada and plans to develop Belgian Waffle Boutique into a franchise. I wish her and her husband all the best in their business venture. We continued chatting as she saw us to the door and I chuckled when I saw the oversized whisk being used as the door handle which added to the quaint style of decoration that they had chosen for the interior of the restaurant. We promised to return again soon which I did tonight but this time with a girlfriend.

Sinfully rich macaroni

I had wanted to try one of the many other tantalizing dishes that the Belgian Waffle Boutique has to offer so we stopped by for a quick bite to eat. I had the sinfully rich macaroni and cheese and my girlfriend tried the waffle smothered in brie cheese and cranberry sauce. I sampled her plate and she mine and we both agreed that the two dishes were delicious. We left and I again vowed to return to try their quiches, salads,fondue (sweet and savoury) baguettes, crepes and of course their varied waffle choices. They have something for everyone and so far the food had been great. My only complaint wish would be that they also offered wine and beer (for hubby) aside from their varied tea/coffee/juice beverage menu. I think that it would especially complement their various cheese fondues and several other dinner items.Aside from that Belgian Waffle Boutique is ‘da bomb’ ( I have always wanted to use that expression 🙂 )

Belgian Waffle Boutique


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